All over print designs are repeated across the entire fabric surface.

There is always growing demand for these types of fabrics and garments around the world.

The possibilities of designs are endless here.

But there are certain things a merchandiser should know beforehand.

Let’s dive into it.

History of All over print fabrics

Even though fabric…

During the 1700s, weaving a brocade fabric was an intense and laborious task.

In order to weave two square inches of finely woven fabric, it would take a weaver and a draw boy one single day.

These brocades create intricate patterns on fabric, and it was possible by lifting threads…

You may have seen the words Tencel and Lyocell being used interchangeably many times. In this article, we are going to debunk all the myths and learn completely about Tencel fabrics.

What is Tencel Fabric?

In 1972, the largest rayon fabric manufacturer ‘American Enka’ first developed a fiber called Lyocell. It is a semi-synthetic…

Can money buy class? Before we begin a debate on this topic we should understand that everyone is trying to look sharp and presentable. Be it a millionaire or an average working professional. Our wardrobes contain items for various occasions. Like a job interview, wedding reception, and so on. But…

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